Santa Barbara Golf - City Championship
Santa Barbara City Golf Championship 
Santa Barbara Golf Club

57th Annual Santa Barbara City Golf Championship
Santa Barbara Golf Club - 2016 Tournament Results


2016 Champion
Ben Shur
Championship Flight
  • 80 Entries
A Through F Flights
  • 80 Entries
The Santa Barbara City Champion will receive  $750 in golf shop credit. After expenses, all monies received in any flight, will be paid back to that flight.

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There was one playoff in the Player Flight.

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2-Day Scores:
Championship: Click here. A-F Flights: Click here.

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Congratulations to The Champions!
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Ben Shur

2016 City Golf Champion
The PGA Tour trade marked "These guys are good." We're applying for the trade mark, "This guy is good!"

Gavin Lee

2016 Arnold Palmer Champion

Gavin likes even numbers. He won in 2014, too!

James Bedard

2016 Ben Hogan Champion
A former S. B. Dons high school golf coach, a great inspiration to junior golfers, and just lucky Coach Dave De Heras is PGA and can't play the event. Sorry James, my kid went to D.P. Go Chargers!

Bruce Shinden

2016 Jack Nicklaus Champion

Bruce is so good, he won his flight playing every shot left handed!

Jim Tricase

2016 Lee Trevino Champion
Jim is smiling because he knows this is the only flight that really matters. Sorry guys, I do the website, and I'm a huge Trevino fan!

Jim Thornton

2016 Sam Snead Champion
This guy looks way too happy. Did we forget to tell Jim all proceeds from the Hogan Flight are donated to the City of S. B. General Fund?

Jeff Hengels

2016 Gary Player Champion

Jeff enjoyed the event so much, he played one extra hole to win it. Congrats on the play off victory.

Chris Talerico, PGA
Director of Golf

Sydney Wasem
Head Pro


Pete LaMantia
The "G" Team

Oh, "G" doesn't stand for golf, we used up A-F for the flights, so G was the best we had left.

In all seriousness, those who  emerged victorious are to be  congratulated for putting together not just two, but three great rounds to win.

The event is just an event, but you and your fellow golfers make it a fun and exciting competition each year. Thank you for your support.

 - Pete

Closest to Pin Contest Winners

Championship flight:
Preston Gomersall
A-F flights: Tom Seidl 

We post handicaps, but some were not able to be processed. We recommend you check to see if your scores for this event were recorded for your handicap, and if not, please input your results yourself.
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Flights by Index  
Champion 2 or Lower Gross Play
A-Palmer 2.1 - 4.0 Net Play
B-Hogan 4.1 - 6.0 Net Play
C-Nicklaus 6.1 - 7.5 Net Play
D-Trevino 7.6 - 9.4 Net Play
E-Snead 9.5 - 12.1 Net Play
F-Player 12.2 - 15.6 Net Play

1) Amateurs with current USGA GHIN affiliated club index. (Membership not required in championship flight).

2) Non-members will need a confirmation by a golf professional or golf coach of a 2 index or less, written and signed on official stationary with letterhead of club or school. (Copies are not acceptable).

3) Juniors (under 18) are only eligible for the championship flight. Above conditions must be met.

4) All handicap flights must have a continuous validated index for the last 12 months (May 2015 to April 2016) and will play to the lowest index for this period of time. Players who do not have an official index, or who fail to meet the handicap requirements, may be permitted to compete based on Tournament Committee approval. The tournament committee will verify all indexes, and all decisions are final.

5) Range finders may be used but must have any slope detection turned off.

Disregarding any of the rules of eligibility will result in disqualification and loss of entry fee.


Tee times will begin at 7:00 AM each day.

All players will be assigned a tee time for each day of play.

Men and juniors (boys) play from blue tees. All ladies and junior (girls) play from white tees.

Pairings will be computer randomized. All groups will start on either the 1st or 10th tee.

Tee times will be assigned with Championship and lower handicapped flights scheduled earlier.

Play ready golf. Pace of play is important. Please keep up with the group ahead. Groups that fall behind may be assessed a 2-stroke penalty by the committee if a warning to catch up is not adhered to in a reasonable span of time.
All contestants must check in and be registered fifteen minutes before tee time.
Any person not registered on time will be subject to a 2-stroke penalty if their group has not yet started, or disqualified if their group has already left the tee.
All finalist will play on Monday.


"The Championship Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The Committee reserves the right to reject the entry of any applicant, at any time, for any reason. Any decision by the Committee, in any matter, shall be final."

This disclaimer allows the Tournament Committee, among other things, to adjust a golfer's handicap index based on prior history or to reject an applicant's entry into the event. A disclaimer will also allow the Committee to use the following point system developed by Dean Knuth, Senior Director of Handicapping for the United States Golf Association. The point system may aid a club or Tournament Committee when incidents or problems occur repeatedly. 


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